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30 July 1949, from, a vintage broadcast (edit) of a Chicago Summer Theater of the Air. This program Music In The Air features the music of Jerome Kern, George Gershwin and others. Performers are Virginia Parker, Bruce Foote and Barnard Isso. This unique radio show was created during the rising popularity of operas and dramas in the 1940s with an attempt to add high culture to American entertainment. The operas were sensitively translated into English and were supplemented by strong story dramas. The combination was quite successful and the show covered a variety of operas such as Madame Butterfly, The Vagabond King, The Merry Widow and many others. The show was 60 minutes long as the creators prided themselves in utilizing the complete music and intended plot for each opera...OTRCAT.COM

Episodic Log -

Leroy Anderson birth centennial

WOODBURY, Mass. The music of a composer best known for his tribute to winter will be celebrated as the town honors the 100th anniversary of beloved composer Leroy Anderson's birth with a series of events that begin Saturday morning a commemorative postal cancellation at the Woodbury Post Office. MORE

100th anniversary of the birth of composer Leroy (pronounced luh-ROY) Anderson. Anderson, who was born June 29, 1908, was a master of light classical works, many of which have become so popular that we hardly realize anymore that they're by Anderson.
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